The Legendary Tytex

Official The Legendary Tytex cover

Back in the middle of 2019, I read a philosophy article about my favorite Germany-philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. On that article, the writer says ‘Child, for Nietzsche is an example of what “free spirit” called. Child discover world, mind filled with curiosity and always seeking for another new things’. For some reason I agree with Nietzsche, because these days we just doing something repetitive without creating something new or doing any innovation.

And then, in August 2019, I met American-writer William Benton. His vision, innovation and spirit in his story taking me back to Nietzsche articles. He wanna make comics, a science fiction journey about a teen who discover the nanobots that can transform a man into something we called Superhuman.

‘Oh, okay, so an usual story.’ that’s what I think that time, before time rolling and put me into more amazing plot and story. As an artist who doing art for his story, translating script into visual, I really enjoy doing this comic book.

The family-conflict is one thing I really enjoyed. Remind me to Japanese-kind of conflict between family member, and William just put this ‘story-manuver’ to his comic book story.

Finally, in Thanksgiving Holiday, the book will released. So I think no more words can describe this story except you read it and experience it by yourself. The book title is “The Legendary Tytex”. This book will available both digital and paperback edition. If you wanna support me as an artist or William DJ Benton as–what I wanna say–curious writer with lots of innovation, just buy the comic book and share your opinion about the book!

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I don’t often write in English, especially because my English isn’t really good. But I think there’s some sample below will tell you about The Legendary Tytex!

Police officer! And what inside the box?
This is Anjel Stillo! Our hero!
Watch him battle against the most unpredictable enemy!